Amanda Robinson
Amanda Robinson
Making business life easier for the less digitally savvy.

Who am i?

Digital & Social Media Marketing Hero. Closet Graphic Designer. Making business life easier for the less digitally savvy

"I am your go-to digital marketing geek. I help you connect your social presence to your business strategy, get your content in front of the people that matter, and get you measurable results."
~ Amanda Robinson

Why am I different from the rest?

I have a background in photography and graphic design, as well as in corporate marketing on a national scale. Combine that with my years of experience in branding, marketing strategy, email marketing, data analytics, data management, ad targeting, split testing, landing pages, SEO, content creation, and direct mail … This has given me a unique ability to both see the big picture, and execute on the full marketing ecosystem that pushes the boundaries on making your marketing spend so much more efficient. I stay current with breaking industry news and can react quickly to algorithm changes that can impact your cost per click. To sum up all of this geek-speak: I’m good at what I do so you don’t have to be. Oh. And I'm proudly Canadian! 🇨🇦 

Who am I a good match for?

You already have a website for your business and you know that you need to be present on social media and online advertising ... you just don't know if it's working or what to do about it. Let me connect all of the dots and build your digital and social presence while you continue to focus on building your business.


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Your business is unique. An agency cookie-cutter solution will not suit your needs. Let's talk.



Amanda is the total package! The mastery she’s developed through her self-directed career and seeking out unique & targeted learning opportunities cannot be taught in a neatly packaged school program. Not only is she very skilled at what she does, her passion is authentic, her personality is magnetic, and her approach is genuine. Any company that entrusts Amanda to manage their digital & social media marketing is making a very smart investment. She is a creative problem solver and talent like hers doesn’t grow on trees!
— Kyra McNamara
Amanda’s passion for digital marketing is truly inspirational. She keeps the big picture in mind while digging into analytics data. She can operate at a meta level and then roll up her sleeves and get the work done. It’s clear that she loves to learn about all things digital, for the continued success of her teammates and her clients. Her drive and professionalism make it a genuine pleasure to work with her.
— Kevin Cobus



I structure the work that I do in a way that it can be handed off confidently to any qualified professional. This means that you are not  locked in to my services, but rather are flexible to choose to continue working with me based on results, and not based on technical necessity.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Amanda Robinson

I'm infectiously passionate about what I do! If you ask me about anything to do with digital marketing you'll see my eyes light up and I can't stop talking about it. My digital marketing niche is in Facebook Advertising and Google Analytics, and I love it.

Toronto, Ontario is where I currently call home. I kayak and wakeboard in the summer, snowboard in the winter, and I hangout with my sidekick - a rescue dog from Turks and Caicos - who goes to work with me every day. #LifeIsGood!