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Start getting excited! Facebook Messenger for your business is about to get a makeover.

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What To Expect

Together we will walk through the steps of activating a ManyChat account for your Facebook business page. This is the automation tool that makes all of the magic happen! I will then ask you to add me as an administrator to your ManyChat account so I can get to work building and customizing your automatic conversation flow. Once it is set up I'll give you a quick tour and the account is all yours!

We have 1hour together. I know, I know ... try to contain your excitement. 😉 You can stay for the full hour or if you're tight for time, you can hop off the meeting as soon as we set up the necessary permissions for the access that I need.


To keep the costs conservative, the purpose of this meeting is strictly to get your messenger automation up and running so I'll be keeping us focused and on track. 

What You Need

✅  admin access to your Facebook business page

What You'll Get

✅  one time set-up of ManyChat account
✅  initial orientation on how to use your ManyChat account
✅  1 standard automation flow customized for your business

Using Zoom

This will be a video meeting using Zoom.us. Here is the link to my open meeting room: https://zoom.us/j/2595669330 but please only join when it's your turn, otherwise you might pop-in during someone else's session. Think of it like an open board room that gets booked out by several people throughout the day.

If this is your first time using Zoom, the most common challenge is activating your audio. Here's a help article if you run into any issues:

How Do I Join Or Test My Computer/Device Audio?

Additionally, you can test your connection to Zoom here. This will launch a sample meeting.

If you run into any snags, call me directly 647-938-2225.


I take your privacy seriously.

I build my business on positive working relationships, happy clients, and getting results. When granted access permissions to any account represented by your business, (Facebook and ManyChat in this case), I take privacy and confidentiality seriously. Your information is never shared and it is only accessed for the purpose of carrying out activities to the extent of the service requested. 


ManyChat Account

ManyChat has all of the basics you need to get started with a free account and for many people starting out, this is all they need. 

If you find that you are ready to bust out your inner automation ninja and take your Messenger experience to the next level, or if you simply prefer the "Powered by ManyChat" label to be removed, then you may want to upgrade your account for $10/month for access to the full suite of features.


Once your automation is set up, you own the account and you don't need to pay ongoing maintenance. 😁  Of course I do have options available if you want an automation-savvy digital marketing geek on hand to help you get creative with it! Just ask!

What Can Messenger Automation Do?

Sample Chat Bot Message

Sample Chat Bot Message

Messenger automation, also called 'Chat Bots', is a conversation starting automation tool that help you deliver value to users on the spot.

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Thank you!

I'm excited to meet you and get started! If you need to contact me before our meeting, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone:

647-938-2225 (🇨🇦 Canada, eh?)


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