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The Highlander Newspaper

"Amanda Robinson defies a common narrative among young people in Haliburton County."

Thank you Alex Coop and the The Highlander for a solid article bringing attention to the conversation of tackling the Haliburton Highlands youth exodus. The County of Haliburton is a gorgeous cottage country paradise with so much potential for growth, but we need to put some focus into making it easier for youth to thrive in that space, with fewer barriers to modern resources, tools, and support. 

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Haliburton Echo Newspaper

Robinson said she gave up the “nine to five” job, which never fulfilled her the way her independent work life has. She is passionate about helping companies market themselves using the ever-advancing technology such as Snapchat. Motivated by her passion, she told the students, "follow your dreams and tap into your personal strengths."


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Toronto Star

"Robert and Birgit have a sentimental connection with the property and want to see it go to someone who will be able to enjoy the beauty and potential that this place has to offer," said Amanda Robinson, a digital media specialist who has been helping to market the home for Haliburton Re/MAX agents Troy Austen and Jeff Wilson.


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Toronto Star




"Bateman cottage goes $300,000 over asking"

Affectionately dubbed “The Lodge” by the Bateman family, the cottage was profiled in the Star in August. It drew so much interest that the four-person team at the Haliburton Re/MAX brokerage that listed the property had to put most of its other business on hold for three days, said Amanda Robinson, who helped agents Troy Austen and Jeff Wilson market The Lodge.

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