Social Savvy Society provides digital marketing consulting services including coaching, guidance, digital advertising, and technical structure for increasing the visibility and exposure of your business with the goal of making your marketing spend more efficient.


Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram increases your digital footprint, exposes new potential clients to your content, opens more opportunity for engaging in conversations with leads and helps you stay ahead of your competition.


Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Chatbots allow you to build up a list of Messenger subscribers who have messaged your Facebook Page or engaged with your chatbot on Facebook Messenger. The open rates for broadcast messages sent to chatbot subscribers is between 85%-95%. You have a greater ability to segment your list with user participation and chatbots are an effective tool to keep people engaging with your content. 


Social Media Content Strategy

Strategically creating original, relevant content for social media increases reach, engagement, view times and can often be the first impression people experience with your business. Optimizing these experiences earns more attention span and contributes to lowering advertising costs. 


Digital Marketing Strategy

Combining all digital marketing tools, tactics, actual results and future potential shapes the current strategy to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. 

Social media and digital marketing regulations and platforms change on a weekly basis. Your digital marketing strategy will evolve to adapt to the changes.

One very important part of that strategy is ensuring that for the long term it is... 

  • sustainable for you and your team
  • produces results
  • uses marketing budgets efficiently


Audience Building

Serving your digital marketing ads to the people who are most likely to engage with your content, visit your website, and/or convert into quality leads is done with using targeted audiences that are created and grown over time. Some examples of targeted audiences include: 

  • people who like your page and their friends
  • people who have visited your website
  • people who have watched your videos
  • people who have engaged with your page (via likes, comments, shares)
  • people who have taken specific actions on your website
  • people who live in a particular geographic area
  • people who have particular interests related to your content


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The keywords that help you stay on page 1 in Google’s search results can change seasonally and they evolve over time based on people’s search habits. The keywords that keep you found top in search are also influenced based on how your competition is positioning themselves. These keywords are used in your content that you produce for social media, in the content living on your website, and in various areas to help you remain competitive in search. 


Google AdWords

Increase visits to your website with quality traffic using paid advertising across Google's advertising network targeted to people searching your relevant keywords or targeting people who have previously visited your website. 


Google Analytics

Measuring the quality of the traffic coming to your website helps us to understand if your marketing & paid advertising efforts are being effective. This allows us to make better business decisions on your marketing spend and content creation based on data and results. 


Conversion Tracking

Setting up conversion tracking with your website, Google AdWords and Facebook has 2 benefits:

  1. We have greater visibility on what ads and campaigns are performing best and
  2. we can optimize your ad spend and create additional audiences based on people who convert.


Email marketing provides a platform to communicate with your highly engaged subscribers and it gets people back on to your website often ... which then allows us to retarget them with ads across Facebook and Google. Your email list can also be used as a stand-alone audience on Facebook to serve ads to. 


Website Content Support

As your website matures, certain pages become more prominent as the main entry points for people arriving at your site. Monitoring, updating, and changing these pages to better capture the attention span of the visitors can keep them on your site longer, have them visit more pages, become return visitors, and lead to a higher volume of quality leads converting through your website. 


Community Management

People engaging with your social media pages in the form of comments, shares and direct messages have potential to become viable leads for the business. This encourages open lines of communication on the native platform that the user is most comfortable with and shows others that your team is responsive. These engagements also help to increase your content reach, add to your targeted audiences, and contribute to lowering your advertising costs. 

The investment in your digital marketing program gets you results plus builds recurring value and returns over time.

You own these assets. They do not belong to an agency or third party company and they are structured in a way that you and your team can access and maintain them.